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6th December - Christmas Lunch


Christmas concert -19th December -10am


Christmas party - 21st December - 2-4pm


Residential home visit - 22nd December


Trip to see our friends at a local residential home and giving out hampers of wonderful things we have made, also enjoy playing games together we had such fun at our last visit!

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As part of world kindness day pre school have been talking about feelings.

Through out the day Beccie has been dropping one apple on the floor without the children knowing.

Then during circle time with pre school Beccie had two apples. The children agreed that they were both the same, but Beccie convinced the children that she did not like one apple and started to say unkind things to it. The children also said unkind things to the apple.

With the other apple we all said kind things to it.

Beccie then cut open both apples. The apple which had unkind things said to it was all bad inside ( the one Beccie had been dropping ) unlike the kind the apple which had kind things said to it.

This helped the children to realise how being unkind can hurt other people