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        Our Curriculum & The Reggio Emilia                            


The Reggio approach is complementary to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.


Our approach to caring for and educating children is a little different.


Sansway House is a Reggio Emilia inspired nursery the theories and practices developed by the late Loris Malaguzzi of Reggio Emilia Italy looked deeply at the image of the child, the role of the teacher and family and the importance of the enironment to establish a curriclum based on a project approach which is constructed and reflected through documentation and collaboration bewteen teacher, parents and children.


The Reggio approach has been successful in Italy and is being adopted by nurseries  in England and other countries. Malaguzzi believed that children have a 100 languages, ways to express themsleves and learn, examples of the 100 languages of children include art, music, dance, building, writing, talking, signing these multiple languages help children to build knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  



By Loris Malaguzzi 





Staff plan activities that challenge children, which are clearly based on their individual needs and interests.These encourage children to explore the activities so they learn -

Ofsted 2015

The child                                                                     That work and play

is made of one hundred.                                              Reality and fantasy

The child has                                                               Science and imagination

a hundred languages                                                   Sky and earth

a hundred hands                                                         Reason and dream

a hundred thoughts                                                    Are things

a hundred ways of thinking                                       That do not belong

of playing, of speaking.                                                together

A hundred always a hundred                                     And thus they tell the

Ways of listening of marveling of                               Child

Loving                                                                         That the hundred is not

A hundred joys                                                            there the child says

For singing and understanding                                    NO WAY the hundred is

A hundred worlds                                                        there--

To dream

The child has

A hundred languages

(and a hundred hundred hundred more)

But they steal ninety-nine.

The school and the culture

Separate the head from the body.

They tell the child;

To think without hands

To do without head

To listen and not speak

To understand without joy

To love and to marvel

Only at Easter and Christmas

They tell the child:

To discover the world already there

And of the hundred

They steal ninety-nine.

They tell the child: