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Settling at Sansway House Day Nursery

Children will experience transitions in their lives moving house, starting nursery, new siblings. a new room change, a different special person, moving to school to name a few.


We want to support them during the process of changes.


At Sansway we believe children benefit from feeling in control of a situation, being listened to, feeling safe & secure and knowing what is going to happen.

We have a flexible settling in policy - as many visits as necessary with parents or another adult, free trial sessions and short occasional care bookings as an introduction to the nursery.


Families are asked to complete 'all about me' information sheets, foods I like to eat, activities I like/dislike etc these really help your child's special person at Nursery get to know your little one.


We offer home visits - your child's key person can make a visit meet the family and have a chat with your child this can give both you and your child the opportunity to ask questions and get to know your child's carer in your home environment (this can be booked at reception)


Sansway House Day Nursery encourage parents/carers to stay and play whenever possible we ask grown-ups to come in, share a book, help with cookery, gardening or just join in with play this is a lovely opportunity to talk with staff, see our routines and activities.


We have three rooms (babies, toddlers & pre-school)


As a small setting we are able to join the children together for songs, music, story time etc so our children have the opportunity to play alongside different age groups. The children are able to spend time in each of the rooms so they are not unfamiliar surroundings to them.


When a child approaches the time to move rooms  or will have a new key person we complete a transition form detailing dates of change, information given to the child, parent & new key person, visits to a new room, time spent with new key person and some feedback/notes.

Our aim is to ensure children feel no pressure whilst learning this new skill and work closely with parents.


We have a potty training guide, charts which can be used at the nursery and home and make a plan with parents/carers of how we will practice toilet training both here and at home. Families can book a meeting with their child's key person to develop a plan and ongoing feedback will be given via dayshare and verbally each day.

We want to fully support you and your child when moving from Sansway to another setting.

Sansway Nursery make a list of schools our children will move to.


We invite foundation stage teachers (or nursery teachers) to visit Sansway - a fantastic opportunity to see children in their nursery environment and a great introduction to their new teachers.


We send our pre-school staff to visit schools where ever possible, collecting photographs for the children to view and information about the school day.


During play at Sansway House we read books about school, make school role play areas in our rooms, practice taking the register, have discussions about the children's thoughts about school.


We have displays and picture books in nursery showing pictures and information about our local schools to help children familiarise themselves.


A transitions form will be completed for children approaching a move to another setting or school detailing information for parents/carers, teachers and of course the children.


Records are prepared about each child's development (learning journeys) we share appropriate information with the new setting or school at transfer and provide an individual summary of each child's developmental stage.



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Potty/Toilet Training

Moving from Sansway House to Another Setting or School

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